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Last Gleamings
Icons by hobbitofkobol
Resources Post 
28th-Feb-2006 08:24 pm
BEATLES default

Large and various textures and brushes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com teh_indy
Nadine's fanarts, _excentric_, petits_papiers
Xmas brushes by captainarrg
knickknackkat for splatter brushes
Amalgam, Textura, Oxoniensis, Life for Rent, The Butterfly, grrliz_icons, Ex-Posed
silverge, _iconographer, sukebecons, noisettee @ onlydreamers, love_higher_law, worship_elle, eveningwalk

100x100 textures, brushes and gradients
gnomicons __kali__ im_glas withaghost saniagreenleaf ___xruinme joli_papier braggadocio_org
saltsweetbitter miggy setsuntamew cala_jane gamin1432 leggyslove spiralling magdalenaicons
fluffy_monster crumblingwalls lovemelikemusic __3ppl september_icons wickedripeplum my_wonderful, unmasked_icons
alaskanicons, dearest, roostersgrrl, radon_, glass_prism, asya_17, sir, lemonrocket, the_left_drawer, indienotebook, erniemay, www.rainharbour.net, sodarktheicon, xonlyashesx, soaked, discolore, iconseeyou, fuzzy, candycrack, twilight_dump, world_dreams, honeymellow, ninesouls, xsleepingswanx, xsacrifice, shoqolad, fakerainbow, replicons, brokendogma, cooloring, graphic_sl, icon_maiden, memora_obscura, meleada, urbanstrokes, yarinige, sealings, dustypaper, peak77, urbanstrokes, innocent_lexys, onlyabreath, brokendogma, mayush17, vanillabiscuit, sneaky_elephant, wildsheepz, tomorrow_brings, iconraven, mayush17, janine83, bigbang_mint, yunhe, chaoticfae, kiho_chan, seewrong, tearjerkericons, coloured_skies, slowlymoves, jounins, esqa, poxomix, lemonpunch, peak77, sintonia, wildsheepz, joy_coloring, creamuts

The Font Garden
Fonts for Peas

when not by myself, Lost caps by numerocinco and lost-media
LotR caps mainly by myself now but at first I used the ones by crumblingwalls, Annon nan Galadh, The Bag End Inn
Various by starriedreamer, Melissa's screencaps
BSG caps

Various Pictures (promos and cast pictures)
patsie, msallegro, txvoodoo, dryope, swoonstar, lost-media

3DVF.com (french)
i-liquid.be (french)
faire de l'or (french)
Absolute Cross
The LotR tutorial
Airbrush tutorial by tarnishedhalo
Line Art Tutorial by tarnishedhalo
saved some in my memories too

If I forgot you, please leave a comment and I'll add you right away.
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