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BSG mood theme (all seasons, all characters, animated)

Battlestar Galactica Mood Theme – animated (all seasons & TV movies)
90*50 mood pics included in a zip file

artistic determined ecstatic
bouncy good lonely

Make sure to check Rules – F.A.Q. / Resources / Memories
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Caps by myself
You can use this mood theme on LJ, on Greatest Journal or whatever, I don’t mind. Crediting in your user info would be very nice ;)

I tried to include the whole show in this mood theme, which means it contains moments from the miniseries, seasons 1 to 4, Razor and The Plan, and about 45 different characters. While there are only two mood pics from the miniseries, season 3 has 31 different pics. And while characters like Starbuck or Adama feature in 5 mood pics or more, some only feature in one (Kendra Shaw, Elosha, etc.). There’s also a bit of every (relation)ship.
This mood theme was created for a challenge at twelvecolonies.

PREVIEW n°2 (you can preview all pics here)
annoyed crappy giggly
refreshed restless touched

download here (zip file, 33mb)

And if you need them...

Instructions (paid accounts)

1. Download the zip file and unzip it
2. Upload the mood theme pictures to your own domain/server/free image hosting service
3. Go to admin console:
4. Copy/Paste this: moodtheme_create "BSG" "BSG Mood", then click execute
5. Where it says "Success", there should be a number, copy that number and paste it everywhere it says 00000 the .txt file (included in the zip, as well as a reminder of these instructions).
6. Change all the to whatever your domain is that you host the images.
7. Copy/Paste codes into the admin console. Click execute.
8. Go to and select your new mood icon set. Click on save changes.
9. You're all set! Enjoy!
Tags: mood themes:tv:bsg

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